About Innovation Economics

Our specialisms focus on 3 areas:

Innovation Support
Sectoral-based Consultancy
Programme Management
We deliver these services to and behalf of public sector organisations.
Visit our products section for examples of the work we've carried out in these areas.

In addition to above services we hire out seminar and meeting rooms and video conferencing facilities. The facilities section provides details of day rates.

Targeting Innovation helps businesses succeed through innovation.

We deliver our services to and on behalf of public sector organisations. We are a dynamic organisation who believes passionately in helping businesses succeed.

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We are a not-for-profit company owned by 5 Universities. Our Board membership also includes the Scottish Executive and other private sector representation. Innovation is based in Scotland but works throughout the UK and Europe.

Economic Innovation has a team of 40 people, drawn from a wide range of specialisms, ensuring that we provide expert and impartial advice to all our customers.

Innovation is led by our Chief Executive. He has more than 20 years’ experience in development, management, sales and consulting roles in the computer industry. He also has broad business experience, developed from several years in senior solar panel installation management in the engineering industry and from his role as Chief Executive of Services to Software for the last 10 years.